I have lost the photos I wanted to share. I am sorry but I will find them... or retake them.

I thought I would show how I mark the tops for custom treatments

First is selection 
I pull out patterns, books, pen and paper
whatever it takes until I find something I like.
After I get the basic idea down I will take that to the copy machine
and size it to the area needed for the top.

I tape the paper pattern to the light table
seen here. I make sure that the ink will not transfer off the pattern 
onto the top I am marking.
I have had that happen and it is not nice.
So I make sure... 

Then I tape the top over the pattern
so it does not move about to much.
Here I am using Sewfine pen for marking
using the pink lead... I believe this is about my favorite
marking pen. It is so smooth...just glides over the fabric
with little to no stretching.

This is what I end up with.
I will stitch over the lines only leaving a faint pink line after stitching
These marks will need to be laundered out
but I have never had a problem getting them out.
At least so far any way... there is always a first time you know.
I do not remove the marks.. That is up the the owner of the quilt.
I do not launder client quilts.. ever.

This is what I choose for the corners
I just took part of the border pattern and created a corner with it.
This border is not totally connected... but just kisses each motif
so this worked out well here.
I think this border will look great on the small quilt.
More photos when I get to the actual quilting.