Today would have been a great day if only I had my brain engaged. LOL The day started off great. I got into the studio fairly early, Quilted the feather borders with out issues. Then I went to mark the block design...This is where my brain disengaged. I simply could not get the pattern onto the block, it was to intricate and the fabric is to dark to use a light box. After a few attempts I decided to just use the black light and glow powder. Now that would have been fine if I had stopped there. But I decided to grab the glow pencil and fill in EVERY THING. Turned off the black light and remembered that pencil is wax based and it showed BIG on the dark fabric. I sprayed the fabric with water and gently scrubbed off the marks with a new soft tooth brush. Which is when I remembered that the fabric had not been washed..Yes a small spot of blue traveled to the off white block next to it. At this point not very nice words were coming from my mouth. I grabbed a Tide to go pen and it took care of the spot. I love those pens. OK things are better now but I have a wet block. Out came the fan and I left it for a hour to dry. Well I decided to forget about the really cool design for the blocks and went with plan B and used a stencil that I had and quilted it out. By this time the day was fading fast. Time for dinner and it is our yard mowing night. Some one forgot to get the gas.. so I ran out of gas before I got the trimming finished. OH well tomorrow is another day I did not really want to mow any way.
The good thing is the quilt is fine and plan B will be OK. All is well again.

Till next time.

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Feather on a Wire said...

Some dys are just like that. If only we knew in advance we could just stay in bed!