Types of Quilting

Stippling / Meandering:   Is a curving continuous pattern over the entire quilt.Stippling is smaller is size and suitable for background areas on applique, busy patterns, or to accent areas of the quilt. Meandering is larger and can be economical method of quilting.
Pantograph:  A single pattern quilted across the quilt from edge to edge. This can be a very economical and pleasing way to quilt.
Custom / Heirloom:  Custom is anything that is not a all over edge to edge quilting.
Sometimes  when doing this type of quilting, marking the design on the quilt top is required.
 These marks will need to be removed.  I DO NOT REMOVE ANY MARKING.
 Removing all marking is up to the quilt owner. 
 I do  take steps to make the removal of the marking easier for you. However I can NOT  guarantee that the marking will remove completely. I do my best but that is all I can do.
 Some method's of marking remove easily with a sprits of water.... some remove with steam
 some require soaking the quilt in a tub of cold water.
All of this should be discussed before the top is marked for quilting. So please ask questions to make sure you and I are thinking the same way for your quilt. I want you to be happy with the final results.
This type of quilting has a wide price range depending on the complexity and density of the quilting.
Basting:   I can prepare your quilt for hand quilting by basting it with easy to remove stitch.
Binding:  I do some binding Please ask, it is a additional cost.
Other services: I do offer some additional services at a per hour fee..These include repaires, seaming the backing fabric, squaring up, and piecing. Please ask.


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