Apparently I have this look often.. LOL I will try for new photos soon.

My husband and I  live in a rural part of Missouri, in fact
 we are almost right in the middle between Joplin, Kansas City, and Springfield.
It is almost the same distance from us to each of these cities.

I have been machine quilting for hire since 2007 using a Gammill Classic Plus non computerised machine. I am all hand guided.

Before 2007 I quilted for myself on a stand up home machine.
 So I have  total of almost nine years of machine quilting, and I learn something new every day.

I began piecing tops 30 years ago and I was hooked. At first I tied my quilts then I hand quilted them but I could not finish them fast enough so I began looking for a quilting machine.
I bought a home made stand up machine and began machine quilting my own tops, but I very quickly outgrew that machine and wanted something larger that I could do more with.

So I bought my Gammill. I have a 14 foot table so that I can work with large quilts or even quilt up large amounts of fabric that is later crafted into something special.
When our daughter got married I quilted 15 yards of Sateen
 for the table runners for the reception tables.

In November of 2011 I moved my Studio into a 1200 square foot building
so that I could spread out and expand.
I love my Studio space and I love machine quilting.

OK so a little about me.

I am a member of  Calico Clippers quilt guild in Stockton Missouri and a member
 of South West Missouri Longarm Quilters. Which is a lovely group of machine quilters, we meet
 once each quarter ( 4 times a year) We share information and offer each other challenges.
This group has been a wonderful source of inspiration and helpful information for me.

My husband and I have two grown children and two beautiful grandsons.
 Most of the time it is quiet here in our part of the world.
I like the quite. We enjoy spending time in nature.
My husband loves to hunt and fish and sometimes I tag along just to enjoy the time and the quite.


Tracy Joyner said...

LOL..yeah, I know that look!
I like the new pic though..

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Dawn Chubbs said...

Hi Julianne!
I just reviewed your overview of hte Fons & Porter Fat Quarter Breeze quilt. I'm wondering if you could share the instructions for the quilt as part of the tutorial as I have lots of 2 1/2" strip that would showcase beautifully in this pattern. Cheers! Dawn, Nova Scotia