Wonky blocks

Well I finished a customer quilt and spent the rest of the day playing with my Wonky One Block Wonder blocks. I decided that it was just to much for one large quilt. I made 94 blocks. This is what I have so far. I have made a couple of changes just a little fine tuning. After taking these photos. LOL I like the top photo best. The second photo is OK but I don't know yet. The last photo is of some single blocks that I like and I am thinking that I will float them with some black fabric for a third small quilt. This fabric is a bit shocking. LOL It took me several tries to get something I could stand at all. What I did was to separate the blocks into stacks of color. I decided the dominate color of the block and just sorted them tossing out the odd blocks that did not fit in a stack. I then divided the stacks into two piles..one for each quilt, setting aside the odd numbered blocks. One pile for the top photo and the second pile for photo number two. I am not really happy yet with the size of number two. I may use some of those blocks to float in a border for the first quilt the rest for something else?? I don't know yet. I do know that I have to stop playing with this and get busy marking my next quilt for machine quilting.
Till next time.


Feather on a Wire said...

Lovely vivid colours.

Jean said...

Love these blocks! They are similiar to Stack n Whack. Do you cut each one out individually?