I was stitching the label....and the DSM decided to have some serious tension issues. I had already cut out most of the thread. The D did not stand for domestic today. This machine is old and I love it most of the time.
I also managed to sew two rows together on my Wonky quilt...That thing makes me dizzy.. I decided quickly to put a pin in the top block of each row... AND to take only the pieces off the design wall that I am stitching. Yep I got confused and thought I had stitched some up side down. Took it all apart and put it back on the wall only to find that I had not stitched incorrectly...It went together just like I had it at first. Did I mention that this Wonky thing makes me dizzy.
Till Next Time.


Jean said...

I remember those blocks, can't wait to see the finished quilt.

MadeByJade said...

Amazing work!