Well It is election day. Time to choose a President among other things. I have cast my vote, good bad or other wise. That's all I have to say about that.

The photos are what I see as I come down my driveway. The trees were prettier a couple of days ago but still nice. And a photo of the new deck rails. We recycle when we can so most of the rails are recycled from some cedar 2 X 4's that our future son in law cut into rails for us. He did a great job. We kept the flooring just replaced what we needed. you can see a bunch blocks in front waiting to be moved where the steps used to be. We moved the steps to the end but you cant see that. I now love my deck.

It is so windy here today that the leaves falling give the appearance of snowing leaves. LOL I am sure glad it is leaves and not snow.

Back to quilting.. I have quilts to quilt.

Till next time.


Jean said...

I love your deck. It was very windy here today too...sounds like our weather here is taking a turn for the colder and wetter soon....knew this beautiful fall weather couldn't last forever. They are talking about some snow for Friday...yikes!

Char said...

Julianne, don't know where my posts are going, but I referred to Maggie as a he and it was because I was thinking of my boy Shadow cat. Did you ever get it? If not I'm glad. ha ha