A quilt for babies

These photos are of a quilt I quilted for my quilt guild. The guild
gives six quilts each month to the hospital to be given to new
Babies when they leave the hospital.

Till next time.


Jean said...

Very pretty quilt and nice straight lines in the quilting....wow!
What are you going to work on tomorrow?

Judy Laquidara said...

Every baby that leaves the hospital gets a quilt? That's so nice!

JudyL said...

Did you know we're almost neighbors? My son hangs out in Schell City all the time.

Bari Berger said...

Hey Julianne!

Beautiful quilting! Thought I would check out your blog and see what you were up to.

We have also been spending a lot of time in your part of the country. My hubby is up there three to four times a week...at least he was until it froze up....bummer. I was hoping to come up duck hunting this week also!

Merry Christmas!