This morning it was raining. I did not want to run the quilting machine in the lightening, a surge protector will only do so much after all!! So I went shopping, I only went to one quilt shop The Quilted Heart I really did not buy much at all just, my Penny Patch block for the month and a Amy Butler pattern for a diaper bag. I thought that I might make one for our daughter in law.

I stopped by Wall-Mart to pick up some grocery items, and I had to look at the fabric sale table. I rarely but fabric from the dollar table but I always look. Today I found some oriental fabric for $1.50 per yard, The quality was OK so I got it thinking I might make a bag out of it for myself. Or I might use it to test the pattern for the diaper bag! Honestly I am hoping that daughter in law does not like the fabric so I can have a bag from it.

I have heard that some Wall-Marts will not be carrying bolts of fabric much longer. If that is true then It is kind of sad. I buy most of my fabrics from quilt shops but I do like to use the cheaper fabrics to test new patterns. Like this diaper bag for example, it takes about 7 yards of fabric to make the bag, changing pad and a storage case for the changing pad. Now call me crazy but the first time I make this I think I would rather use $1.50 per yard fabrics rather than $9.00 per yard fabrics. I guess that if the Wall-Marts that I shop at stop carrying fabric then I will find another source for test fabrics.

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