I finely got around to loading some photos. Internet is still really slow but it is working, I guess.
This is one of the small tops I dug out some time back. I pieced this one at least 15 years ago maybe longer. It has lots of issues, LOL It was partially hand quilted, partially machine quilted possibly with my dsm....Not sure. I still liked the top so I took it apart and decided to machine quilt it for practice.

Lets see... I also baked bread...Not sure why I took a photo of it but here it is.

This is Rufus. I have no idea where this kitten came from but he was in a tree out of reach of my big dogs. I guess he is staying around. Rufus and the dogs have kind of agreed to get along. Rufus has learned not to run so the big dogs do not chase him. I guess the dogs are going to tolerate Rufus? At least for now. I have no idea if Rufus is a girl or a boy but he is kind of cute.

I think I was trying to take a photo of a sunset. It is the view from my kitchen Those are some heavy looking clouds.


Lori in South Dakota said...

A new baby?? The best kind of present!!

Jean said...

Nice pix, love the kitty..so cute! The quilt is gorgeous too. So you didn't make it?

I have been off for a couple weeks too, as my computer is not being good. I hope I am back to normal now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Jean said...

Oops I reread, and realized you made a long time ago...sorry!