I am trying to be positive... I am positive that I do not like winter and I do not like snow. How is that for being positive. We have more snow It has snowed all day and is still snowing. I sholveled the snow off the deck, I don't know why because it is still snowing. I guess maybe it might stop snowing soon then I will have less snow to deal with in the morning. I guess.

I did not go to work today...Husband has a bug or something and I did not want to leave him home alone. He is fine...me not as much. LOL He was dizzy last night and I was afraid he would fall or something. I should not have worried because he slept all day. The roads were not good today anyway. The PT person called around noon .... could not get to our house today for husbands physical therapy. We have this really big nasty hill and I guess there were cars off the road there and they were not letting any one up or down the hill so she turned around and went back. Probably some one stuck halfway up the hill or something...that happens often at this hill. Just as well that PT could not make it because husband was not really up to doing therapy today. Husband is feeling much better this evening and his exercises on his own.

Ok enough whining about the weather.

Remember that old UFO? Well this is what was in the tub.
The little bag of goodies is really the blocks that belong in the blank spaces.
I decided to see if I had all the pieces to finish this top.
I think all the pieces are there some need trimmed to size but I think all are there.

The tub even had the directions with a photo and the receipt where I bought it. I gave $169.00 for the kit marked down from $189.00 in 2001. I will finish it one day. I just need to finish the button hole stitching around 19 of those little blocks.

OK now it is time to confess. When I bought this I tried a new to me way to applique using the machine...I did not like it soooo I tried a different method...also not my favorite but better. LOL Then I decided I would never finish at that rate with all those little animal legs and such. So I got some fusible and fused them all down planning to button hole stitch around them. I must have gotten the wrong kind of fusible or something because I can get a needle through it but it is not as easy as it should be. I could stitch it with the machine but the stitches look different and I would still have to deal with those small parts.
Like different stitches would really show right? LOL It already has three different methods of applique...who would know? Over the years when I drag this out from time to time I think ...I should just scrap this thing , make it into something else. Something smaller and with out those unfinished blocks. Then I think well I gave quite a bit for the kit and I do still like it flaws and all. I look at it for a few days...then it goes back into its tub till next time. Each time I tell myself I will finish Some day. Will this be the one I never finish? Will this be the one that the kids find in the attic after I am gone still unfinished in its tub with all the pieces pattern and receipt? Or will I finish it some day? I guess we will find out...LOL Some day.

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Jean said...

lol what a dilemma you are in..I would say finish it however it works for you. Unless you are entering it in a contest, no one who gets a nice snuggly quilt will care if you use different applique methods or different stitches. Will your machine needle go through the fusible? You could always use several different machine stitches around them, so then it isn't so noticeable that you changed midstream.