Well we are going to get tired of looking at this one. LOL I decided that I need a visual so it is on my wall. I will be adding blocks as I get them done. I have 6 done with 19 to go.

I added the borders to my 2009 BOM. It finished 107 X 90 Now it goes into a stack to wait for a back and quilting. I have some ideas for quilting but I am still thinking about those borders.
I missed my dead line for this one but only by two days...I am happy.
I did not get the two 2010 BOM blocks pieced but I will do that today.
Go over to Bari's to see what every one else is up to.

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Jean said...

Great idea, watching your progress as you go. This quilt is going to be wonderful. I like the BOM too, can't wait to see the next one.