I thought I would show what I did today. I might not get to show anything much for a while.

BOM finished Simple block.

These are leftover pieces from the strip blocks. I think that if I put plain strips between I will have enough for a baby quilt.

This is the strip quilt. Not a great photo but it is what I got. These are not pieced together yet. Just laid out make sure I had enough cut. I cut the plain blocks today...ran out of that fabric so this is the size it will be. LOL I think it will be at least a twin size if not a full size when finished.
I have a bunch more strips cut. Kind of wondering how many projects I will get from these strips? My guild is doing a challenge..and it is going to work out great for me. LOL The challenge is... to cut 2 1/2 inch strips and bring to the next meeting...we are to stitch 9 patches ( I think ) from the strips until our time is up.Then we are to take them home and finish something from the blocks we get done and return with a finished project in November. I already have the strips cut so I said count me in.. LOL What was I thinking ???? I do not need something else to do. LOL But count me in. LOL It is after all a challenge.

Photos of client quilt...top and back.
Such a joy to work on.

I was going over my schedule for the next few weeks and realised that I HAD to have a hair cut today. LOL Good thing they take walk ins and were not busy. No waiting.. I love that. So all in all I feel like I had a productive day..

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