This is what is on my machine today..

Good thing to because I have 10 days to get it finished totally finished!! We have a really small local show coming up on the 11TH. One of the ladies ( that does the show ) husband asked my husband...Is your wife putting quilts in the show again this year? Now I am not sure why the men were talking about quilting or quilt shows? But it looks like I will be putting something in the show. Husband says I need to put this in the show..and you know I always do what husband says...Right.!

This is my challenge piece for my SWLA group t be displayed in September at the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Show. Wait this is September LOL I will take it from the local show on the 11TH and mail it on the 13Th for the Springfield show.

This pile is waiting for me to get them quilted. Non of them are mine either. Three of them are to be all over quilting but One is for my local guild ...a charity quilt. Remember the red and white quilt? Well those big white borders leave lots of room for playing...I get to play with this one. LOL I am quilting this one for free so I get to do whatever I like. Probably won't get to the quilting until next year tho.

I was not going to post a photo of this, because it is also entered into the Springfield show, but you have already see some photos of it and this is a bad photo. LOL I just wanted to show you it is done except for the blocking. Which is happening right now.

This little Guy...He is growing so fast. He has 5 teeth now, and is crawling every where, pulling up to things. Won't be long before he takes of walking...probably more like running. LOL
Any way that is what I am doing. Go to Bari's to see what others are up to.
Goals for September.... finish that challenge piece..LOL set together the strip blocks. Both the baby top and the larger top. Quilt the three tops on the big ugly desk. Hey I have the whole month. I can do it. LOL We will see.!!!!!!!
My lunch break is over...back to quilting for me. I will check in tonight after dinner to see how the rest are doing.

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Jean said...

Love the quilts and nice that someone wants you to enter your quilts in their show. Take pix of it there!