Is it really Wednesday already ??

I did not get everything accomplished for September that I had hoped. I still have one charity quilt to finish but it is almost loaded on the machine now. Almost!! I want to fit it in between the next client quilt. At least that is the plan.

This is this year's BOM. I decided to just buy the rest of the blocks. So the blocks are all pieced, setting is all cut and waiting for piecing. This photo really does not show it well at all, I will have to try to get some better photos soon. I am thinking about how I want to quilt this one. Normally I would custom something like this but the fabrics are so busy and I don't think that it would have had fancy quilting on it back in the day.... So I don't know???

I had planned on making new curtains for the kitchen this month. We had old plastic mini blinds on these windows. You can see that the windows are kind of large, they face north and west. Any way I was going to make curtains until I found these on the clearance rack. Husband was with me. He said he liked them and I should get them. I was not sure I liked them but for $5.00 per window....I thought ... I don't have to make them and I might still be able to count it as a finished goal for October...LOL The goal was to finish kitchen curtains and they are done. LOL

I do like them and the price was certainly right.

I did remember to photo this one before I returned it.

Just a simple panto but she really loved it.

I have been practicing my Wonky photos. Sorry.

I am in the process of moving a flower bed. I am thinking I should just kill it and start over. LOL I am only saving one or two plants into the new bed. The old bed will be re done next year..or sometime. Maybe!!! It is time for a change.

This morning we got up at 4 AM to take husband to meet a fishing buddy. We did not want to leave the truck un attended for a few days so I dropped him off and came home with the truck.

I really should be doing something more productive but I am not. We started off the day way to early for me..LOL We stepped out of the house..husband pulls the door shut and says...Where are my keys??? I said..I gave them to you didn't...yes I did...Well I don't have them...PLEASE tell me you have your keys..??? Yep I did. I learned the last time. LOL

OK so he is loaded boat hooked up and we have we go. Now I have no idea why husband is taking his boat ...meeting his buddy and hooking the boat to his buddy's truck and going on with me bringing our truck home, but at 4 AM I don't care either. So off we go.

We get to the meeting place first and realize that we did not disconnect the extension cord from the battery charger... We drug a 50 foot extension all the way behind the boat....or I should say what is left of it any way. Sigh !!!! We keep spares and so does his buddy. We have not learned to un plug them but we have learned to keep extras. Sigh ... I am back home and have made myself a nice pot of vegetable soup. I have a ton of things I should be doing. I took a short nap so I guess I should have a nice bowl of soup and do something.....

I have a lot going on so my next goal is to set together the BOM.. and quilt that charity quilt.

That is it. I am keeping it simple. With the day job and client quilts...and next week I am taking a one day bus trip with my guild.

Go to Bari's to see how every one else is doing.


crossroadsquilts said...

Hey, I like that BOM. How about an all over freehand Baptist Fan? Mary at Maryquilts (the Heartstrings Mary) does a really cool one and blogs on how to do it also.

The curtains are wonderful! Can't beat the price or the convenience or the fact that one goal was met.

Your morning sounds like one of mine. Hope you enjoy the time while hubby is fishing. The crappie are biting right now!


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