OK time for the weekly report.

I decided where to cut the strip and added the outer border to my BOM. Honestly I am not to fond of this fabric, but it is OK. I really wanted to have the brown in the border next to the quilt BUT I was afraid that it might not be perfectly straight and if my stitching was not perfect...well then it would look wonky. So I did the second best thing..I think. I am not crazy about the two prints being next together ( the border and the corner stone ) Other than that I am OK with it.

I can't seen to get a good full photo of this top, but I think you can see the finial look well enough. I am OK with the over all look but I would not have picked this fabric for setting these blocks together. That is one of the fun things about doing these BOM with the setting kits. I got to use a fabric I would never have picked...I got to step back at the end and say. I do not like this fabric but it does look good, comes together in the end.

I also stitched the binding on the green charity quilt. I have no idea who cut the binding but I think they ran out of fabric and the binding was about 8 inches short. I pieced in something I had and went on. It is not a great match but not the worst either. I did not take photos cause we all know what binding looks like. Now to get it hand stitched down and returned.

Goals for next week...Well I have a really large client quilt coming up so that will take most of my time I think.

Go on over to Bari's and see how every one else is doing.

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Shelly said...

I think the border looks fine. I wouldn't worry about those prints touching. It looks planned and it works. Great job! (And doesn't it feel good to be done?)