I have yet another boring post. No photos again.

I did buy a new camera but I still need to read the instructions. LOL I looked at several camera's both on line and in store. I decided on a Nikon CoolPix. I wanted something light and small to carry with me. Something simple to use, I want to just pick it up point and shoot. LOL The CoolPix is just about the size of a smart phone, the reviews were good and was highly recommended for my needs. It is not going to take professional photos but I am not looking for that. I have a really nice 35mm camera that I have had for years and not used as often because it is heavy to carry about and took time to set the setting and all. Some day I will probably want to upgrade my 35mm to digital for better quality photos but for now I want light weight and simple.

Ok so I have been taking things easy. I have the tree up and decorated. I think I have my shopping done. I think. LOL If I go back into the store..any store I might just see something else the little guy needs. LOL I have been digging in things in my work shop and the storage. I have tossed three large garbage bags of stuff from the storage room. I am being ruthless in my tossing things. In digging about in my work room I found a partially made Christmas stocking, so I finished it for the little guy.

Today is my guilds Christmas party..but I think I will stay home. This is the time of year that I really enjoy doing nothing. LOL It is my time to rest and reflect. This is the time when it gets cold and I just love to take a day or two curled up on the couch in my PJ'S with a good book or watch old movies. I still have the day job and most of the year my days off are filled. I take this time of year for me to rest ..reflect ..and recharge.

Go on over to Bari's and see what others are doing this time of year.


Tamera said...

You have such an awesome attitude! This is the time of year to take a few minutes to rest, reflect, and recharge.

Vivian said...

You are ahead of me, the deorating hasn't been put on the schedule yet.

A recharge is a good thing. I wind up doing it between tasks, sometimes whether it's scheduled or not!

Alycia said...

good for you to get a new camera! I have a similar one and love it. I can carry it everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics your new camera took in the next post. Looks really nice! I would love to have one that would fit in my pocket or purse....the big ones are a pain in the patootie to haul around....LOL.

I also am impressed at the time you take for yourself. It is something we all should do more of and don't. Hmmm, think I can loan the kids out for Christmas so I can have a break? (NOT! LOL, they add so much to the season, but they sure wear me out!)