My report is still kind of small. Sigh. I did make a little progress on the quilt I wanted to get set together. It is half done. The other half is still waiting for blocks to be set into rows. My applique block looks about the same. I do have another leaf pinned on and ready and will probably stitch that down tonight. I am writing this a day early because...Well I will be getting up at 2:30 AM for the day job tomorrow and well I probably will be to tired to post that early. Then when I get home I will just start to do something and forget to post at all. LOL

Any way I did not take a photo of the applique block.. I will will remember to post a photo when it is finished..When ever that is. LOL

I also worked on my row by row project. I guess I did not take a photo of it either cause..I don't find one. I still have to stitch the edges, I just did a fusible applique and will machine stitch this one. It is due next Wednesday. I think? I will take a photo for next time.

The half finished top.

Just some photos of a baby quilt I finished yesterday. Way to cute for words. Thank you Rebecca and Valerie. Valerie I so hope you don't have to wait much longer to hold this child in your arms.

For next week... I will continue to work on the applique block, I would like to have it finished but we will see. I will finish the row by row because it is due and I do not want to make some one else late with their row. I will continue to work on client quilts... and I have some practicing to do. I have a client quilt coming up that I must practice for first, just a bit. Oh and I will take photos and not loose them before I post. LOL

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crossroadsquilts said...

It sounds like you have been getting quite a bit done...just forgetting the picture part! LOL I do that quite a bit also.

The baby quilt is quite cute!