The sunflowers are so heavy with seeds, they can't stand up right any more. Every thing is wilting in the heat. The thermometer has 106 right now. Far to hot to do much of anything.

I was looking in a storage tub for some odd blocks and stuff I knew I had. I want to use them in some baby quilts for charity. I can use them to practice on then donate them. A win Win deal.

So I found some things to use up.. I hope LOL and I cut some binding, practiced on the longarm a bit but decided to move the practice to paper. So I found my roll of paper cut several pieces and headed back to the house where I can put a bit of heat on a pulled muscle and practice and play all I like.

I decided due to the heat that I would move my piecing machine from the studio to the kitchen table. Gathered up the stuff from the tub and bindings a few supplies and headed to the kitchen.

When I am ready to practice on the longarm again I will turn on the air and have fun practicing but for today I will practice on paper under the air in the house and I now have some projects to play with in between fixing dinner or when ever I have a small bit of time.

What do you do when it is 106 degrees and you really don't feel like doing anything?

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