This is my applique block.. I find it kind of ugly! LOL I am not sure what I was thinking when I choose these fabrics but, it is almost finished. I just need to stitch the vase down and that will be done by the time this posts. I really thought I liked this until I saw this photo.

This is what I had on my machine this morning, some practice fabric going on next. Then on to the next quilt.

This is my row for my row quilt project. I am still not sure how this works but I have my row finished.

For next weeks goals...Well I am going to be super busy. I think I will just focus on client quilts.
I know that seems a little wimpy but some weeks are just like that. If I have time for any thing else I can always do a binding!


Anonymous said...

I think your applique block looks pretty! Maybe it is just the angle of the camera or something.....

Also, I so totally understand the client quilt thing. I am right there with you!

Will miss you this Saturday!

Have a great week!


Jean said...

I like it, you probably will too when you get it finished. Try taking pix closer to natural light, you might like them better. I struggle with getting good pix in good light all the time and it does change how they look.