I have been kind of looking for some simple meals.. My mom has this old looking cook book and some how it was left at my house...Any way I went through it and found a few recipes to try. This one is a one pot meal. I think the recipe called it a Bachelor Supper LOL or something like that. I just love these old cook books.. The recipe called for... 2 pounds of ground beef, 3 carrots sliced, 3 potatoes pealed and sliced, frozen peas and Lima beans 1 1/2 cup each and salt and pepper to taste. Cook the ground beef add 1 cup water, layer carrots on top of beef, layer sliced potatoes on carrots, and layer peas and beans on top ( I used black beans instead of Lima beans ) Simmer 45 min and serve.

It was OK...It was quick, simple and could be made ahead of time and reheated. You could probably cook the ground beef and layer it all in the crock pot and finish it that way..Probably. I will make it again but with a few changes. LOL Like using beef broth instead of water. I think I would cut back a little on the meat and increase the veggies and seasonings. I think I would add onion, garlic, celery, maybe add some other root vegetables if I had them on hand. Husband thought it would be nice with some brown gravy in it..LOL As you can see I stirred it all up after cooking and before husband saw it.. LOL I knew he would just move that top layer aside and dig into the meat and potato part...and wish he had gravy to cover it in. LOL

This cook book looks old. I don't remember it as a kid at home and mom can't remember where it came from or how long she has had it but it has some good stuff in it. LOL It is a collection of recipes from a Mennonite Community, I love these cook books. It seems like they always have recipes using basic supplies... stuff from the pantry, nothing fancy just good food. LOL

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Jean said...

Sounds good with your additions. I think the beef broth would be a good addition too as it would add lots of flavor.