I thought I would share some photos of a client quilt I recently finished. I think I showed a photo before quilting in a previous post. These show the quilting.  I remembered to take some photos before I delivered it.

 The binding is attached in this photo but not quite finished..I still needed to close off the binding and stitch the last few inches.

 A close up of the top.. I love this quilt. The panto gave a nice texture to the top.

These are the next two client quilts.. The top on the left will have a panto on it but I think that the one on the right will get some simple custom. Those kind of peachy triangles are actually large prairie points of sorts. The point is tacked down but the sides are loose... Kind of cool.

Sorry about the clutter in the photo...I kind of need to clean up my space.

Some one asked me if I had a favorite quilt...Yes....The one I am working on at the time.. LOL


Anonymous said...

Your customer quilt turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Do you bind a lot of them on the longarm? I need to try that on one of my own utility quilts (if I ever get to put one on the machine! LOL)

The cat quilt is cute!

You seem to have mastered the new computer and photo thing. Looking good!

Keep on keeping on! No vacations for the busy....


Jean said...

The quilting in gorgeous Julianne!