It is a fantastic day today !!!!! I did sleep in this morning and I might even take a nap today.

  So far today I took a short was such a nice morning. I fixed myself a hearty breakfast and I ate it setting at the table instead of standing over the kitchen sink. Tidy up the house a bit. How is it that two grown men can spend one day at home and it looks like ...Well like two grown men spent the day there.  I came in yesterday afternoon loaded down with bags and carrying a pizza and there was  no place to set anything of course as soon as I said PIZZA they came to give me a hand. LOL  I knew they were spending the day watching football and was fairly sure they would not turn down pizza.

Son had made chili and brought out for lunch, he makes good chili. I am having the last of it for my lunch now. I cooked some rice and heated the chili so I guess I am having chili and rice. LOL

I have made a big dent in the mending pile, plus I found two more pair of pants to hem. I had to stop and change thread to finish..  What am I doing on the computer instead of finishng the mending? Well I am waiting for the dryer to shut off. I will need to hang up some shirts right they don't wrinkle.  There is no way I am going to do ironing and mending in the same day..No not happening!

I will hang up the shirts...finish my mending and then move on to some client related stuff.

Yesterday my son made me smile. I guess they never get to old to make you smile. I had gotten a piece of corn bread for a snack. Son saw it and said....I could have had corn bread with my chili... dad you didn't tell me there was corn bread.  I told him it was a little dry any way..LOL he said that sure would have been good stirred up in his chili.  Later I noticed son eating what looked like cake, I wondered where he got cake from but thought that his grandmother had sent the boys home with cake. She often does that.

Later I went to toss out the kind of dry corn bread and realised that son was not eating cake He was eating corn bread and he had iced it with half a tub of butter.  LOL

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