This is a boring post but, this is my pile of mending, four pair of pants to get hemmed, buttons to stitch back on. There is a sweat shirt in there that I wan to cut the cuffs off because they are just to tight to push up and I like to push my sleeves up some.. Oh and I found a skirt with half the hem out of it and, I know it has been like that for two years. Time to get this stuff under control.

I could not believe that I had so much that needed repaired but, It was all in my closet. I was looking for something that I could wear again.. the size thing..ya know.  Looks like I got some new things but outgrew them before I ever got them hemmed...the good news is I can wear them I still have something new even if I have owned it for awhile. That is assuming that I ever get them all repaired.

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