Moving Day !!!!!  And we headed west.  OK so it is only something like 500 to 600 feet west but it is still west. 

This is just the roller bars off my machine. We took each component separately so it took several trips, but we had a 12 foot trailer and a 14 foot table. Good thing we did not have far to go. 

What a mess and this is not everything.  This is just some of the personal piecing and projects. Most of this got shoved into a room and I just shut the door and walked away.. LOL

I have client quilts to do so, The longarm room comes first.

It is coming together nicely.  That is my Dad hanging a peg board, and Mom supervising.. Mom doesn't like her photo taken and Dad does not like the Internet....So...SSSSHHHHH..... Don't tell them. OK 

I will soon be quilting away. I just have a few more things to move. Client stuff, batting, books, cutting mats, rulers, templates, and some odds and ends.    Not to worry !  I kept all the client stuff and the things I need to quilt with separate from all the other stuff. I should be ready to fire up the machine today.

We started our move about 8AM and I quit for the day at about 5 or 6 PM.  We took our time and things went smoothly. I am very very glad this part is over.  I am very thankful to have great parents, husband and son who all worked hard and made it come together.

 And to every one ( including the day job ) that has had to put up with me during all this.
 THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!  


Jean said...

OOOOH I am soooo green with envy...what a great quilting area for you! You probably won't ever have to go home!

Judy Laquidara said...

Moving the longarm is always the worst part of the move for me. Looks like your machine made the move unscathed. Looks like you're moving into a wonderful sewing area.