This is a photo after the wall was removed and the rough edges where the Sheetrock had to be cut away is finished off with trim. I am having some electrical outlets installed in the ceiling. Mostly all that is left to do is clean and paint. Lots of cleaning. No I forgot about filling the holes and the sanding. LOL

Future photos probably won't show a lot of change, because I am going to paint the walls and ceiling white and I plan on painting the floors grey.

This has been a very busy week for me. I am quilting client quilts but I have not taken photos yet. In fact I have not taken any photos of anything this week.

I have only had one day off from the day job this week and it was because I went to a meeting in Springfield Mo.  I belong to a longarm group which meets  four times a year. I had missed the last two meetings so I was not going to miss this one. LOL

It was a great meeting in a new meeting place which I loved..LOL I really hope we are able to continue to use this meeting space.

That's about it for me right now. Fall is very busy around here yet progress seems slow..

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