We needed a new roof so.. Our wonderful son in law arrived late Sunday. The shingles were delivered  Monday an so it begins, Have I mentioned that we have a Wonderful son in law?

I am not getting much accomplished with all the noise and such...They are on the roof as I speak! I jump every time the air gun goes off and it goes off often LOL  We will have a great roof when it is done. Probably by the end of today.

Ok This photo shows where the new studio space is in relation to my house. I took the photo standing in my front door.  It looks farther than it really is I think.  The rock house in the center is my parents. The buildings on the left is their garage and dad's hobby work shop.  I can here him in the shop running ...probably the router making a piece of trim to go into the new space for me. Any way the duplex is the building on the right that you can't really see for the trees. This is what we call the back apartment and it is rented so I do not want to intrude on their privacy. The new studio space in the front duplex and is of course in front of this one in the photo.

Now this is where I wanted to put the longarm..Those kitchen cabinets would make for great storage. The problem was... I have a 14 foot table and this room is 18 feet long. Now it is do - able but not great. Also this part of the apartment was built in 1961 or 1962 as dad's original cabinet shop. When dad retired and turned it into a duplex he built a wooden sub floor over the concrete floor straight through both apartments. This creates a hollow sound when you walk in the next apartment. Not bad but you can hear each other walking about in the kitchen areas. The longarm is kind of loud so we were thinking it might be offensive to the renters in the back at times. The floor also has some minor problems that might make leveling the longarm more of a challenge and could cause vibration which I do not want.

So the wall between two bed rooms came out..  This floor is concrete and no problems with leveling the machine and the back apartment will probably not hear anything or very little of the machine. The walls are almost sound proof except for that sub floor that the kitchens share. This room will be 10 feet wide and I forget but something like 25 or 30 feet long. Plenty of room for a 14 foot table, and it has two closets to store supplies in. This space is four feet narrower but a little longer than what i currently have all my longarm and supplies in.

This is a view of the remaining bed room, smaller but still make a nice size room with a half bath. I am not sure how I will use this room or the kitchen area but I am sure I will find a use.

This is just a different view of the small room showing the closet. I believe the longarm room closets are the same size as this one. The floors are concrete and I plan on painting them with special concrete paint. I have thought about using this smaller room for piecing and such but husband thinks I should use the kitchen area for that. I am thinking that the smaller room would be better for piecing and the kitchen area would be better for displaying some of my work... Mom thinks I should put in a table and chairs so I can have lunch there and maybe I should fix the shower so that I could shower there sometime If I want.. No need for that Mom I can go home to shower... LOL  It is not that far ya know!

This is a view of the closed in porch... after I fix it up I will put a small table and chair out there to have my lunch at weather permitting of course.. LOL

All of this fixing up cleaning and painting is going to take time. I will not be moving any time soon. My parents are helping with all this but I still work the day job....quilt for clients and this will have to come in between every thing else. 

I am going to try to go quilt something.. I know that as soon as I try to do something..some one will need something... like a hammer dropped off the roof or break time and they like me to fix their drinks.... or my opinion will be needed some place. LOL Now don't get me wrong I don't mind any of these things. It does however make it a little difficuilt for me to get anything done.

How many wifes get a phone call from the roof....Honey!!! can you come hand me up a vent NOW we are ready for it..LOL I don't mind really.


Jean said...

Wow...that will be awesome! Love the whole thing. I would keep a sewing machine at your house too, for sewing inbetween cooking and such! lol

Anonymous said...

You do have a sweetheart of a son-in-law! Can't beat one that will help you with roofing...and it will be worth it when done.

The new studio digs will be wonderful when you are done! Plenty of room and a place to whip up lunch too!

Your folks have a beautiful place!