I have been busy..No I do not have any photos to show.. I have been working on secrete projects. 

Not my projects !!! I am quilting some client things that I know are gifts... So NO photos!!!!

What I can share with you is ..weeeeelllll..... Not terribly interesting.  I have been doing a bit of cleaning.. Not fun at all .!!!   I am trying a new to me recipe, not sure husband will like it, I guess we will soon see. LOL  What else can I share?  Humm....

Today I found myself kind of missing my old studio space.  I miss seeing the wood ducks, and squirrels, and chipmunks. Sigh. I went and stood in the old space for a bit, just thinking. Which usually gets me into trouble.  Then I realised that I don't really miss it all that much. It was cold in there and empty!!

So I headed to the new space and got busy. I worked on one of those secrete projects, finished hemming my curtains. They are not perfect but hey I am a quilter any ways LOL  I cleaned the one bathroom that had not yet been done...boy was that fun ! But it is done. I cleaned some of the windows on the porch.
I ran out of energy before I got finished, but I got one layer of crud off them any way. 

I still have some sewing machines and a old dresser to move into the new space. Not sure I really want to move the old dresser ( really just a small set of drawers ) but maybe I do ! I know I want the machines moved...It is supposed to rain this week end when I have help so I don't know when that will happen.

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