I set up a piecing station yesterday.. Last week my old Singer came out of storage, I love this machine.
I gave her a good cleaning and oiling and she is singing again. She has been in storage for a few years and I am happy to have her running again.

 We hung a four foot shop light in order to see better. Lighting is a problem in the new space but I can take care of that, just trying to do it with out the need of a electrician LOL So far so good. So now I have a place to piecing something ..when I have the time!   I did move some things about in the longarm room but no photos.. just fine tuning the space.

You may remember that I choose to paint the floor?  I used garage floor paint because you are supposed to be able to drive cars on it so I thought it would be OK for a studio floor. It is OK. The paint has started to pop off in some places. I knew that it would probably do this so I am not surprised. I think the paint is better used on a new floor..not one that has been used  for many years..with stains and spills that did not clean up well before painting.  I like the rustic look so I really don't mind the irregularities in the floor. For me it is a fair trade off for ease of cleaning up all those threads that seem to be every where clinging to every thing. LOL

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