Today was my first day back in the studio this year.
What has this really ugly photo of me got to do with that?
Not a thing ! 
My sister made every one these for Christmas and has not seen me in mine yet.
 So here I am. And I would like to must have been 80 degrees in there today.
It is a bad photo but it was far to warm to keep trying for a good one.
I love my hat and scarf and will think of you as I wear them.

I quilted this cute snowman quilt..Isn't it just the sweetest thing? I did a windy meander, thought it looked a bit like wind swirling around the snowmen.
My friend Charlotte makes these tops and sells them on a web site.  
 She makes some of the cutest things. I just love quilting for her.

This top is a charity top for The Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Springfield Mo. I belong to a longarm group and we meet every three months. The Piecemakers let us use their wonderful meeting space for free..... All they ask is for each of us to quilt three of their charity quilts a year.  That is it..  These two are not to big I think 66 X 66 or so. That is cheap rent for a nice meeting place if you ask me.They come all bundled together with every thing I need. 
I also closed my books for 2011  I am ahead of the game this year.... I think.

  I also dug about and found the squares I had cut out for hexes  Now I can work on those in the evenings. I am sure I did something else... I am sure of it but it must not be terribly interesting because I can't remember. 

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