I am still here, just not blogging much. As you can tell.
We are dog setting our daughters and son in laws two Boston terriers while they are on vacation.
They are a handful!  Maybe I am just not used to having dogs in the house.
They are very demanding creatures.

The garden looks great.. I still have no photos tho.
I should have bean to pick soon and peppers.
We are starting to get good peaches here So I bought a bushel.
I have been making peach pie and eating as many fresh peaches as I can..
I might even make some peach jam or just freeze some for later.
I really love fresh peaches.

I have done a little quilting but nothing I can show.
I did catch up on piecing my monthly blocks.

We did go to a small local fair..
It was a blast to see the fair through the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old. LOL
Which was mostly riding those little cars until he was dizzy! and then riding some more.

Till next time...


Charlotte said...

Hi, I can't get into my blog to put my new design on. I have 3, you would think I could get onto one. Just wanted to let you know it's okay in my neck of the woods.
I hope that storm goes away soon.

Jean said...

I haven't been blogging much either. So much going on and not time to keep up. I have more time off this week, so hopefully will get caught up reading!

Charlotte said...

I was here, You have a nice garden! I can't have another one because my husband got Lyme disease from my last one. I have been doing a little sewing on my ladybug quilt. Got six blocks finished tonight. More later, take care and don't overheat!