I have noticed in this small home town place I live in.
I have noticed two signs as I drive about my day in front of two churches.

Drive in services and gives a time...
The sign reads like it is a drive through church service.
You set in your car for the service. Kind of like going though a fast food drive through.
I could be reading the sign incorrectly. I am only reading as I pass by.

Makes me wonder?
If I am reading it correctly, I suppose there could be a small need for such a thing.
I suppose.?  If it were to difficult for someone to get out of their car and go inside I suppose it would be helpful for them but, they would still have to leave their house and get in the car and either drive or be driven to the service. So I am not sure that is really helpful either.
 I am not sure I care for the idea.
It seems to me that you would be missing something like interaction with...
Well with the service in general.
Not to mention the little lady that sings way off key and way to loud.
Her voice shaky and cracked with age. She is loud probably because she forgets her hearing aid.
The old farmer who gives all the kids a piece of candy and a pat on the head as you pass by.
The young couple with a fussy infant and a restless toddler.
All these things are a joyous part of the services. All of which would be missed in a drive in service.
At least as what I imagine it would be like.
Setting in the car listening to a speaker, kind of like the
old drove in theatres with out the screen to watch.

Some day I hope to find out just what those signs really mean.
Do they really have a drive in church service? or
is the sign really to just make people think?
People like me.. Wondering?

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Jean said...

Interesting...you need to call and find out because now you have me wondering.