I thought I would show a photo of how I store my large rolls of batting.

This photo only shows two rolls but there is room for a third roll on this wall. I love it.

 The roll on top is so loose from being moved from place to place. LOL I had it in a really large plastic bag and every time I wanted to use some of it I had to find a clean place big enough to get it out of the bag roll off what I wanted and stuff it back in the bag.

Then I would spend the next several minuets picking loose threads off it before I could use it in the quilt.. No matter how well I clean and vacuum I always have loose threads that seem to love loose batting or any thing else for that matter.

 Heck even my dog had thread hanging off him the other day.. and he is a outside dog!!

The poles are shower curtain rods and the brackets can be bought at a home improvement store.
The brackets are really for closet shelves with a pole for hanging clothes on.

I love my batting rack. I hated having it stuffed wherever.. usually on the floor under something for a while I had a roll stored in a extra seldom used bath tub.  LOL Not the best place. I was afraid that some how some one would decide to run a bath and not notice the Hugh roll of batting there. LOL

 I have a nice batting storage bar under my lonarm table but some of the cardboard cores are to small for the bar.. So this is my fix for that, not expensive or difficult either.

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