I don't usually post to much about food. Looking at this photo I see why.
Any way... I love mushrooms but husband does not so I never make this kind of dinner.
Sometimes when I am home alone I fix something just for ME.
I had this hamburger steak cooked and in the freezer.
 I am not sure why there was only one but there was only one.LOL
 Husband was looking in containers in the freezer ( I have no idea why)  but he broke the plastic lid on the container this pattie was in. So I decided that it would make a perfect lunch. I made a mushroom gravy with caramelized onions, added mashed potatoes and I had a yummy treat for lunch.
Husband would not agree with me on that but I did enjoy it.
NO I did not eat the whole thing. LOL I ate what I wanted and gave the rest to
 Poppy my outside dog. He loved it. LOL

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