This is my scrap basket. I had no intention of doing anything about it at the
 moment but, It is overflowing. What is usually do is to dump it out in the floor, I fold up anything that can be folded and still found on the shelf. The rest eventually gets cut into usable shapes and strips for future projects. I have been thinking about s couple of scrap quilts.
 It is so hard to choose.
It really does not matter at the moment because I will not be starting any new projects any time soon.
It is fun to think about tho.
This bin is full of all sizes of strips.  Leftover from several projects.
I was saving them to one day make a Spiderweb quilt. Some day.
I think I will always have a over flowing scrap bin and tubs of furture projects.

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Jean said...

Yea, it is an occupational hazard...those scrap baskets!