With the fall weather every year I start wanting to bake or make something different,
I end up spending hours going through cook books and scouring on line sites for something that sounds good. Now I have a ton of recipes, they are every where.
In boxes, folders, stuffed inside other cook books.
Some 30 plus years ago one of my sister in  laws gave me a nice cook book that you were supposed to hand wright the recipes in. Well every fall I dig it all out and look at it all maybe right in one or two.. then give up and put it all back in hidden spots.
I can't stand clutter so I have things put mostly out of my site
Any way..This year I dug out all the saved (hidden) recipes and I thought Why do I have all this stuff and why do I keep doing this every year.
 I decided that I really wanted the recipes even if I never use most of them.
But I did not want to hand right them in that dang book. So I got out my scotch tape and some paper scissors and just taped them in that book.
A couple of hours later I was happy with it, it is mine and I am happy to have all that stuff in a place where I can find what I want when I want it.
  I usually mess with it until Christmas and just give up.. but I am DONE!!!
I took the rest of the day and pieced a small wall hanging for a Christmas gift.
A early start for me but one is pieced. No photos because they might see and know it was theirs.
The quilt in the photo. Well I was setting it together last year when I moved my studio.
It has been in a box all this time. So I got it out and at least put all the pieces on the wall, and I still have all the pieces so now I just have to find some time to finish setting it together.
I took one day for me stuff and I feel better that I got some things done.
Now I am back to client quilts.

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