No photos today, but I am here and staying busy.
I have been cooking, cleaning, and quilting. LOL
I am now caught up on my mending. Why do I always have mending?
am I the only person the mends or repairs stuff any more?
I put a new zipper in husbands favorite work coat..mended his hunting pants again.
I think every year when it is time for hunting season he finds something that must be fixed.
He does not know it yet but I have found him the number to a good alteration person.
I gave him one last year and he lost it. Hummmm!!!
That could be a conspiracy to keep me mending instead of quilting.
NO ...that could not be!!
I am getting a start on Christmas stuff.. I will probably do most of my shopping on line this year.
I just hate the crowds and the rushed shopping.
This year Big brother is into camo it is.
I am just about ready to make two camo Christmas stockings!
I just need a little hunter orange or blaze orange to set them off.
My shopping list is made.
I have some dishes in the freezer for quick meals.
I made a trip the the Amish store to replenish my supply of flour and spices and such. I like to start my holiday baking with fresh supplies.
They were out of honey..I really wanted a quart of honey but I will just have to make due.
Yes I am just about ready for the Holidays and approaching winter months.
Off the the studio to see what needs doing there today.

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