Any one that knows me knows just how much I hate shopping. !
Let's just say it is definitely not my favorite thing to do,
but sometimes I simply can not avoid the ugly task.
We needed new bed I had to actually go shopping for those.
I like to feel and see that kind of stuff before I commit to it. LOL
Sounds like I am buying a house or something but, I can be a bit picky ya know..
While I was out I saw this...quite by accident.  Humm.. I am not sure how I got to this department from linens. It must be a grandma thing or something..
I just know that The Little Guy does not have one of these so of course it came home with me.
I know that Big brother got a hunting vest for his birthday. So the Little Guy needed this.
I just know it.  Also must be a grandma thing...
I had planned on stopping and getting the supplies I needed to make myself a new purse.
Some how this one came home with me instead..
 I am not sure what happened. 
 I think they set up the stores just so that  grandmas walk by these things on their way to the cool baby stuff that they don't even know they are headed for.. LOL
AND it was half price.  Sigh.!!!!
Look husband went shopping to...This rug came home with him.
I am not accustomed to him buying rugs...but. He did. !!!!
I was surprised.
That is OK because I had taken this photo to show him...because I want one of these.
This one was not for sale or It might just have found it's way in my cart.
I bet that if we just put our heads together we could come up with something almost as cool.


Jean said...

Looks like a great shopping trip! I am finished shopping, am afraid if I go out again, I will buy more for myself! Merry Christmas!

Tracy Joyner said...

Oh wow..I would have loved that shopping trip with you! "Oh look, I just don't know how that happened!"