My nephew got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving
This is a photo of my sister with her son and daughter.
They are all beaming with joy..but look at that groom...LOL He is truly busting with joy.
Sometimes it is hard for me to think of him as a grown man.  I don't see him often and when I think of him I tend to remember the child. That child has grown up into a hansom young man.

This is my daughter, it was such a good photo I could not resist sharing.

We were very early for the wedding,( two hours or more. That is a story in itself. One.)  but every one at the church was so nice and welcomed us in, offered us drinks, gave some of us a tour of the church.

 This church ( Abundant Life ) housed up to 400 volunteers at a time with the Joplin tornado recovery. They did not have that many staying there at that time but I found it amazing. Just the task of coordinating the meals, showers, and beds for that many has to be  a huge task.

This is the floor in the area where they held the reception.
My family is getting used to me taking weird photos of floors and such.
I saw a quilting pattern in this floor.! Gave me ideas!!!
You just never know where a idea will come from.

It was a lovely wedding and I did have a good time.


Tracy Joyner said...

I love that picture!
You make such good blog posts..I like your written "voice".

TracyAnn from and

Tracy Joyner said...

btw..the floor, I see broken pieces of stained glass candy. Remember we used to make some at christmas time? I think we only made the red, but I've seen green too. It's a hard candy that you flavor and break into pieces after it hardens.