Along the line of cooking...


This is three slices of bacon and onions red and green bell peppers
cook this all together a bit...add two eggs and a sprinkle of cheese and breakfast is made.

A simple lunch of soup and sandwich

A ham and turkey sandwich with lettuce and mayo
a nice bowl of Butternut squash soup
a orange for desert.

Home made Butternut soup is so simple to make.
Cook the squash in chicken broth with a little onion
puree add a dollop of sour cream
and ta da... you have soup.


A nice home made stew and canned biscuits 

I used my crock pot to make my stew so it is not as thick as if I had made it on the stove
but a girl has got to take short cuts now and again. 
Time for quilting ya know.

The ingredients are basic 
Potatoes, carrots, oil, beef stock, red pepper flakes,
 garlic, bay leaves, onion, and celery seed.

 Brown the meat in the oil

Put it in the crock pot with everything except the potatoes and carrots.
Cook on high for a few hours..maybe 3 or 4
Then I add the potatoes and carrots leave on high for about 4 more hours

I get it all started in the morning 
and I go quilt
I stop for lunch add the rest of the ingredients
and I go back to quilting until time for dinner.

Add a salad, corn bread or biscuits and a quick desert
Simple, fairly quick, and Good.

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