I use my camera as a tool 
Sometimes I use it to audition fabric chooses or block layout
I use it for lots of things.
This photo was to help me remember the placement  
of this pattern so that by the time I get to the other end
I can do it again with out rolling the quilt back and looking.

It is just chalk. Lots of chalk... 
First I pounced powder  over the template
then I play connect the dots with chalk.
Regular old chalkboard chalk.

One good puff of air and it is all gone
well mostly the rest rubes off with a terry cloth.

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Dar said...

I love your quilting pattern on the side sashing of that block. I also like what you said about using chalkboard chalk to make it. How do you make your template to pounce? Did you freehand quilt it then? What kind of machine do you quilt on? Boy, I'm full of questions, right?? lol I love your scrap quilt that you finished too.