This is what it looked like around 4 pm yesterday.
At the studio.

This was a little after 5 pm 
I had walked home from the studio
Huge wet flakes of snow.

This is what we got up to this morning
it is beautiful, and the sound.
A kind of quite beauty with the sounds muffled by the snow.

You can see that we got several inches of snow..
the ruts in the driveway that husband left are about knee deep to me.
Well just below the knee.

The trees are heavy with snow

I am not expecting the mail to run today.. 

I was watching some neighbor kids play in the snow
building a snow man and throwing snow at each other
Squealing with delight as the snow hits their mark..

Brought back some memories of my sister and I doing the same thing.

Going back to the house with our clothes packed with snow.
Warming up next to the fireplace where mom always 
had a pot of Sassafras tea sweetened with honey
and fresh baked bread or cinnamon  rolls.
We would have a cup of tea and a big slab of bread covered with real butter
to tide us over until dinner time.
It was the only time we were allowed to eat in the living room
setting on the hearth next to the fire to warm up.

Today I just hope we do not loose electricity 
the powder keeps popping off and on.
I won't turn on the longarm today because of the electric going off and on
So today will be spent doodling, and a bit of hand work

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Tracy Joyner said...

Oh my Goodness! I have so many things to say about this post!
-how beautiful your pictures are
-I love how you use your pics to tell a story
-you weave a wonderful cozy tale of a winter day
...-and the memories :D Those times I spent with you are some of the best of my life
-sledding (or rather, you pushing me on the sled)
-snowball fights..the sound of a good snowball hitting your jacket! You landed a lot more than I could :)
-bread sacks on our feet! lol
-the snow cave!
-you and I swaying back and forth in front of the fireplace
-the tea warming and waiting for us and yes, mom baking on a snow day..warm bread w/butter
-lol..taking turns shaking that darn jar to make the butter! (again, you did more shaking than me..but I would give it my best and shake untill my arms hurt a lot)
-stomping our snowy feet going up the school bus steps

Do you know what else I remember?
-playing war w/round cards in the old cemetary w/a transistor radio
-learning my love of music by listening to your 8 track tapes with you in your bedroom
-your HUGE air fern..wasn't it's name "Harry"?
-getting to ride with you in your Ford to the conservation (wasn't that a Falcon?). You sketched so beautifully and I learned about Art..true art and where it comes from inside yourself..not a picture in a magazine.
-you waking me up and lifting me to your shoulders till I was begging you to let me down cause I had to pee so bad!
-you getting up in the night to find my winnie bear because I was frightened without him.
-talking in bed before falling asleep
-falling asleep to the shaking of your foot..I had a hard time going to sleep when I got moved to my own room!

I have a lot of good memories of being your sister..Thank You :)