I took a few photos yesterday.
The wood ducks are back but the pond was 
frozen over so they were some place else.

The photo below gave me a idea.
.for a project.
Like I need a project. Right?
I kind of like the texture of the ice
and the shadows of the trees in the water.
Makes me think...Ok
 enough thinking for now. !!

I love the way the plants  are peaking out of the snow.
It is like they are reaching for spring.

I was walking past the picture window in my living room.
and there was this Cardinal kind of posing
 like he was looking in to see what was going on. 
He waited for me to locate where I had left the camera
and snap his photo through the window
before he flew away.

This is a shot of my garden...
Kind of sad isn't it. Almost seem un natural
I have peas, radishes, lettuce and onions
Kind of depressing.
They may not come up..I guess we will see
that is if we ever see spring. !

I also saw some bunny tracks checking out my garden spot.
I bet they remember from last year.
the tracks you can see in the photo are dog tracks.
I guess the dog has been checking out the bunny tracks.
Hummm !!! 

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Dar said...

Your cardinal picture looks great - especially being shot through a window. Looks like you were right outside by him.