9 tops of my own waiting to be quilted.
8 on hangers and the
 bag below holds a whole cloth
I started 4 years ago

One to put binding on.
The binding is cut and ready.

This bag contains my small hexes.

This is a art piece I am working on.

This is a table runner that just needs borders and quilting.

These are two applique pillow tops.
I have two yet to applique but
for now I am only counting these to be made into pillows.

The bag contains a applique pillow top.
The can holds fabric for hexes.
I have combined the hexes to this can.

This is fabric for a top I would like to make.
I still need to buy some fabric for...thinking denim.
I wanted to add it to the list ever tho I don't have all the fabric needed

This is a table runner kit that was given to me.
I love the colors.

These are cheater blocks that I plan on making into a table runner.

This drawer has two inch squares in it that I am slowly 
turning into strips that you see below.
Eventually into a quilt.

This box contains 12.50 inch blocks but
 I know there is not enough to make a quilt with yet.
I piece the blocks with my quilt guild ..so each block is different.

I really should finish this gal...
she just keeps hanging around..

I also have two baby panels and fabric to piece a baby quilt not photographed
I added those over the week end.
I had not planned on listing them but I have four baby showers
between now and July...so I decided to list them to keep me on track.

I know there some more blocks some place waiting to be pieced into a small quilt but
 I have missed them some how. No idea where they are right now.
To bad because they might make a cute baby quilt ...

I also do machine quilting for hire..and I have a day job.
So my progress on my own stuff is slow
sometimes very slow...
but I have several hand projects that I can work on during tv time or waiting time.
At the moment I have seven client quilts in house.

So I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork-times.


~Kristie said...

Nice projects! Love the Quilt Diva!!

Jean said...

You're a brave woman, listing those for all to see! just kidding, I have at least twice that many waiting to be quilted. I organized mine last year by which I had backs for and which ones I didn't. lol I got a few done, but am doing better this year getting some of them quilted before I teach the classes. Otherwise they never get done. Good luck on getting to your stuff!

Jill said...

You have a great variety of colors and styles in your different projects. Have fun working on them!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I don't count fabric in my UFOs, no matter what I bought them for. =)

Bonnie said...

Awesome projects!

Kate said...

Working full time is definitely makes finishing projects slower and quilting for others would take even more. Considering all that, your list isn't bad. You've got some cute and fun projects on your list.