Spring has left us again !!
It is cold today..like 36 degrees..
Sigh !!!
We are supposed to even get some snow tonight.
We are under a winter weather advisory
and it is May 2nd.. 

I picked lettuce,  radishes and green onions 
from the garden just yesterday
and I was wearing shorts and flip flops..
but not today!
I have a lot of my inside spring cleaning done.
That feels good.

Today I got these done
I saw these on the internet probably a year ago.
I have been wanting to make some every since
So today was the day.
New hand soap dispensers from
Recycled glass jars.
The jar with the blue lid is a olive jar
the other one is a pint mayo jar I think.
The canning flat and ring fit's it just fine
and the canning flats are a bit easier 
to get the hole in for the pump.

Dad used the drill press with the largest bit we could find
then he used needle nose pliers to enlarge the hole until the pump fit
Then I took my hot glue gun and glued the underneath really well
all around the pump to seal up any gaps if their were any.  
You could decorate them up a bit if you liked
paint something on the jar, or paint the lid 
add some ribbon or
Just a simple label.. 

I am going to make a label on the computer and call it good.

A friend just called and they have snow...40 miles away!
said their deck was white.
It is raining here and sounds just like a winter storm outside.
We are going to have to turn the heat on again..

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