What am I doing?
I am catching up... On cleaning.
Laundry.. checking in with blogs I love to read.
Just resting.. LOL
I have a gazillion ideas running around in my head.
All of them sound fun..
What to do first?
I guess I will have to get back to you with that. LOL
We have quite a few wild rabbits around here.
I like to watch them play but
 I don't like them munching on my garden.
The neighbor has a young beagle
She chasses the rabbits about and I think enjoys the fun
but the rabbits are not afraid at all.
Last night the beagle was messing with something in the field.
You could tell by the way she was acting... so..
Husband said... I bet she has a snake...
He went to check it out and
Yes she had a snake.... a 6 foot black snake !
Now I know that black snakes are good snakes..
They eat mice and are very helpful that way.
BUT !!!!
This one is now a dead snake...
I will put up with the mice I guess...
At least I am not likely to... mess my pants if I step on a mouse.
Stepping on a 6 foot black snake would be a different matter.
So to all the snake lovers...
I am sorry.
but that is just how it works around here.
The beagle will just have to go back to playing with the rabbits.


Tracy Joyner said...

LOL..totally agreeing with you about the snake. I like the domestic ball pythons from the pet store, but I don't like ANY snake surprising me..especially one longer than I am tall!
Do you remember the enormous black snake that used to cool himself in the shadow of the rock wall by the drippy water spout?
It was my job to water the dogs and that darn snake scared the tar out of me so many times that it literally changed how I felt about wildlife!

Jean said...

Yea, that is the only good thing about snakes. We had a baby one get in awhile back, and the cats caught it and played with it to death. ugh...I knew there were some out by the back steps, so I guess he found his way in somehow. We think maybe came into the back porch when the door wasn't shut properly and then in through the kitchen door. I have had my eye out in case more came in, but haven't seen any more.