Today has not been one of my better days...
To start off with.. My hours at the day job were changed.
and I some how managed to transfer the changes correctly.
Yes you guessed it... I was late... 37 minuets late to be correct.
Now that does not sound like a big deal...but.!!
I was the one with the keys to get inside
So every one else was late as well..
Not good.
I am never late ... and I still don't know what happened exactly.
I won't go into  details but to day that nothing at work went well for me..
I should have just stayed home..
I managed to get through what was left of my shift.
I needed to stop at the store for milk.
We have one grocery store in town..
only one... and they bought a larger building on
the other end of town and moved...
You guessed it.. I went to where it used to be...
But in my defense they moved two days ago.
I drive across town...which only has three stop lights
so it took maybe three minuets.. got my milk.
 I got home with out any problems so I am thinking
OK I am good now..
Nope... LOL
I was going to use my phone to post a quick note here..
and the dang keyboard would not come up.. but just on the blog
it works just fine otherwise. Go figure,
So I thought OK so I will just tether to the lap top
and be good to go... Nope....did not happen.. LOL
I ended up having to go to a different room
set every thing just right...
and as long as I don't move anything... and breath just right
I am tethered. So it has taken me 45 minuets to post this quick post.
Not even going to try to load a photo today... LOL
Most of the time I love living here in rural USA
but!!! sometimes I wish...just a little bit
that I lived closer to shopping.. better internet...
We have been having problems with our
 internet provider for a month now
and it is the best one available.. which is sad.
Only one grocery store does cut down on the decision making tho...
I don't have to think about which store to stop at.
Unless it moves... ! and I forget.
Sigh !!!!
For the most part living here is great.. it is quite..
I don't have to deal with so many things...
but I do have to drive at least two hours to get to a larger city..
one with plenty of  places to shop.. and good internet connections ...
and traffic... and noise... And..
Well I like it here just fine... when I think about it...
I am going to go stitch something..
I just hope it is not me that gets stitched...

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Jean said...

I hope the rest of the day goes better! I hate being late to work, it ruins the whole day as you feel behind all the rest of the day. Where do you work?