I promised better photos
So I hope these are better.
This piece is 26 X 29 before it is trimmed.
I used three battings, 2 wool and one 80/20 cotton blend.
I used 12 different thread colors, and six different brands of thread.
I did have tension issues but three battings is a lot.
The finished product is quite stiff, also something I wanted.
The photos may not show well but I did get a 3 D effect that I was going for
So I am happy even with the tension issues.
I think all went well enough considering this was my first attempt at this type of project.
I do believe there will be more in the future. At least I hope so.

Before I removed the marks.

Finely the back.. The inspiration fabric for the piece.
It was originally going to be the outer borders but,
things changed a bit.. Ok they changed a lot.
Sunset at the beach
 is just about finished,Just need to hand stitch the binding down and label it. 
I had a ton of ideas for this challenge, and I am keeping my notes
so maybe one day there will be another piece to go with this one.
Maybe.... we  will see.
I am linking up with Design wall Monday  and on Friday with Off the wall Friday
Check them out they are a lot of fun..


Regina B Dunn said...

Love all the details and the playfulness of the piece. Good job.

Quilt Rat said...

I agree with Regina and the quilting is wonderfully effective