My word for the year is focus.
 I think I am doing well with it so far

 I have started my spring cleaning. I decided to clean something each month instead of trying to do it all at one time.

I have done the closets both at home
 and at the studio.
My quilt guild is having a
 Silent auction next month and
 I have a few items to take.
Like that ugly fabric...
How did it get in my stash any way. Lol
I know I surely did not buy it and
Bring it home... surly not!!

I think that by changing my focus
 I am getting more done
 At least it feels like I am getting more
of what I want to get done
In a more timely manner with less stress

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CharlotteT said...

Way to go Julianne. I haven't been able to get past my sewing room as far as the cleaning goes.
I work til my hands are sore on the hand quilted quilt I am doing. I am trying to keep up with some bom's and I keep getting further behind. No stress though, I know I'll go back to it.