I have been sort of side lined... from my blog.
For a lot of reasons...
One of which is..
Our oldest grandson
Is playing soccer
I can't miss that.... no
Way to much fun.
 He the one wearing lime green cleats.
He made the first goal of the first game.. and it was even for his team.. LOL
Such fun...

OK..So we are also tearing down the old trailer house that used to be my
 studio/ storage unit. 
So the first thing to do
 Was to clean it out.
I moved the studio two years ago... but the stuff we had stored....Sigh..
Let's just say that as of now there is nothing left.

The desk did not get moved with the studio
well it is butt ugly.
But it us also a great sewing table...

So I kept it. It is now in my studio again.
So what do I do with it
To make it look better?

I don't think it will paint well.... Right now I am thinking I should just cover it with a pile of fabric... that way I won't notice the ugly.. 

I might try covering that top with some sort of contact paper.. stuff.
I don't know tho.
What do you think?


crossroadsquilts said...

Have you thought of spray painting the desk with spray paint? I have done some chairs with that, and they turned out really nice. The big thing is to put it on very thin layers at a time. In other words, don't get impatient like I do! It could be really awesome!

Your grandson is adorable! His games are definitely more important than blogs!


Jean said...

Maybe you could just leave it and once you have things on it you won't notice. Paint might work too, if you can rough up the surface a bit so it will stick well.

Rita said...

Julianne, I used the contact stuff on my sewing center for the dsm, and it is beginning to peal, cracks are showing up, etc.

I really wish I'd painted it.. don't think it will work well to paint it now.

I just wish I had a cutting table like that!! Just enjoy it!